Floor Mats That Make a Statement

Floor mats the first piece of decor many see when they visit your home. They function as more than just sneaker scrubbers. Year-round mats are convenient for those looking to simply keep the inside carpet clean. Seasonally, floor mats are available in a variety of patterns and images associated with upcoming holidays. Straw or thatch mats are common in fall. Leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween images are often depicted. Purple, orange, and yellow mats are recommended for full effect. Rough weave mats subtly reference fall. It would be wise to invest in a dirt grabbing mat especially for the fall. Wet weather and copious mud combined with the many sneakers of trick or treaters can add up to one messy situation.


Come winter, the situation worsens. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, road salt, snow, and mud are wreaking havoc on outdoor decor. Absorbent floor mats with anti-slip undersides are appropriate. These mats may be paired with an indoor boot pan to collect water draining from shoes. Outdoor mats with stiff bristles give guests the option of wiping of their shoes before entering the house. Winter designs include, snow men, snowflakes, and Christmas themed images.


Spring offers a chance for redemption for outdoor decor. The snow and mud is mainly gone, although wet weather still persists. Non slip mats are still of the utmost importance. Functions become less of a concern, and more creativity can be utilized through spring inspired designs. Baby animals are popular images for floor mats. Budding flowers, rabbits, and Easter themed mats are also common. Whichever mat is chosen, it must be able to withstand a consistently damp environment. Spring showers take a toll on regular mats constructed of cotton, nylon, and other destructible materials. Plastic mats are very resistant to water.


Summer floor mats function mainly as a decorative statement. Weather resistance and durability are of less importance. That being said, one important factor is sun resistance. The mat should be dyed with bright colors resistant to sun bleaching. Images include the beach, sun, and summer sports such as volleyball and surfing. Thinner materials may be used and hint at the airy nature of summer. Dark colors should be reserved for the winter months as summer is a lively season. For those uninterested in changing their floor mat seasonally, year round mats provide a perfect alternative. These mats contain ambiguous images such as floral designs and phrases.

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