Floor Heating Mats – The Best Alternative Heating Option

Floor heating mats are best suited for generating heat under wood or tiles. It is also a superb option for laminated floors in sunrooms, entryways, kitchens and bathrooms. Since, these mats have very thin construction they are well suited for home renovation and green field construction.

Mats for floor heating are very famous among consumers due to their do-it-yourself nature. Yes, these mats are easy to install. There is no more spoiling your room’s aesthetics with ugly radiators or convectors. All you require to keep your room clean, beautiful and spacious is to use floor heating mats.

A floor heating mat is made of flexible and sturdy fiber glass with thin heating elements fixed unevenly on it. These heating elements consist of metal shielding, fluoropolymer insulation and PVC sheathing. Heating cables used are usually 2.2 mm single conductor that ends on cold leads at the mats ends. The cables may also be a 3.0 mm twin conductor on the outer diameter that ends at one end of the mat.

With the advancement in technology and research in various fields, it has become possible to purchase floor heating mats that will suit any room of your house.

These mats are quite affordable, energy saving and easy to install. The best part is that the mats can be easily controlled via using a huge variety of programmable as well as non-programmable thermostat options.

Floor heating mats can be used with wood and concrete floors. They are also compatible with different types of floor covering such as tile, stone, wood and vinyl. You can use these mats at ground level as well as up stairs when making a heating choice, you need to consider certain factors carefully as floor finish changes may affect overall performance.

You can even use one mat or a combination of different mats for floor heating purposes. You can opt for one according to your specific requirements such as the type and size of your room. There are options to choose from rectangular and square ones in order to benefit from the best heating for the entire room.

Electric floor heating mats are also available for irregular rooms. These are rooms with curved walls or angles. They are also available as a customized solution to fit into exact dimensions of any room. They provide the feeling as if you are getting a gentle foot massage.

If you want to experience the best of floor heating, you must install floor heating mats in your home.


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