What to Do If Your Car is Stuck in Snow Or Ice?

It is not something new, people often get stuck in snow and don’t have any idea that what they should do. So to follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be familiar that what the first thing you should do. Check out the following steps to follow them in these types of situations. First things first, check tail pipe: Tailpipe should be checked before starting your engine. Remove the ice if there is any on it because it may result in the formation of dangerous gases in the car.

Place the floor mats in front of tires: The mats should be placed in front of the front tires if it is the front wheel drive and in front of the rear wheel if it is rear wheel drive. This helps in taking away the weeds from the side of road and can be put to provide necessary friction. But be very careful when doing this because sometimes car skids so you need to make sure that no one is around the car. If this trick proves unsuccessful then try to follow these steps: Fracture the ice around tires.

Try to remove the ice around your tires so that the tires can be moved without any skidding. You can use shovel but it would be better if you use screw driver for this purpose because larger the surface area larger will be the friction. Pepper, salt, sand or car litter in front of driven tires. The reason behind peppering the salt is that it helps in melting the ice. Rock salt will also be helpful because it will provide you with necessary friction so that the tires can have sufficient grip.

Level the wheels: You need to straighten up the tires using steering as much as you can. Straighten tires do not easily get stuck in the snow. Put your engine in low gear while pulling out: Softly press the accelerator when trying to pull out and leave it as soon as the tires experience to spin. Repeat this procedure until the tires get out. Brakes: Not all the tires are spinning when stuck. Often any one tire feels less friction due to which it is unable to maintain its grip and starts spinning.

Applying brakes shift the weights to all the tires providing more power to all them. The brakes may heat up if applied for longer period of time and will take time to get cool. Pull out some of the air from the tires: They will experience more grip with the base if the air is less. Last trick to try would be rocking the car: In this we move the car backward and forward as soon as we are able to. An additional tip: Once you are out of the snow do not stop and keep driving in the direction from which the car came out.

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